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Lia von HEL (Lia Freitas) is a transdisciplinary artist who develops her work between visceral matter and the cosmic chaos of the underworld.

Drawing her name from the goddess of death from Norse mythology, guardian of the world of darkness, her artistic practice is deeply influenced by allegorical symbolism and a search for the balance between light and dark, chaos and harmony, beauty and violence.

Working from her own experiences and perceptions, she is continuously investigating and tapping into the complexity of contemporary existence, revealing what lies beneath the veneer of social and cultural conventions.

Through sensory exploration and using a mixed-media technique that includes collage and upcycling, she delves into taboos and stereotypes with graphic provocations that intersect the erotic, the beautiful and the bizarre. Her pieces speak of dreams and traumas through synaesthetic imagery, light, shadow, texture and sound.

(text: Miguel Corte-Real)

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