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I design immersive experiences that creates magical worlds for people. 
Worlds that give them joy and excitement while encouraging them to play.

By engaging all the senses, the experience becomes joyful, electric, physical, emotional. It sears sensory into our brains, if not to our souls. Senses are the basis of experience. Each person's experience of things and space is multi-sensory, and the perception of the form of things and space is the combined result of all senses.


(solo exhibition with live performance)


4 June, 4-11pm


Nirvana Studios, Oeiras - PT

SPACE TEETH Is an interactive exhibition that explores the gravitational forces between celestial bodies and materiality, spirituality, violence and carnal desires.

Through visual provocations and graphic aphorisms, the artist invites the public to interact with the present installations where she represents the four earthly elements in which she explores the femininity of each one.

Where does the woman who dwells in each of us come from and what is she like?


(installation art)

27 February 

Little Chelsea Gallery

Lisbon - PT

This pop-up show of anti-war speaks about how wars destroy human relationships.

Pieces that not only condemn aggression, but also raise painful social issues, reflect the complex interactions between humans and the world. 

This interactive installation concentrates on the human fate, presenting changes that the war brought about and actions taken to save the community like compassion and love.

Loving in the time of war is an act of courage. Love does not destroy. Love does not know borders. Love does not even protect or defend itself. Love only loves. Love IS.

The enemy does not live in another country or in another body. The enemy lives within us. Within each of us. The enemy is fear. Fear separates. Fear dictates. Fear paralyzes. Fear kills. What we need is no war. We don't even need a revolution. What we need is an evolution. A conscious evolution. And we need it now.


(solo immersive exhibition)

29-31 October | 6 November 

S.T.R.A.N.G.E. Gallery

Oeiras - PT

Moving incisively beyond the dimension of an exhibition, BIRDAY SWAMP is a heavily sensorial and profoundly immersive experience – visceral in its materiality, haunting in its conceptual narrative, and conflictingly beautiful in its outcome. 

The presence of the female figure and experience, in all of its historical, social, cultural and political complexity, is deliberate, poignant and at times overwhelmingly real. Through an aesthetic that itself reveals a duality, oscillating between the suggestiveness of deformity and a harmonious intersection of materials and compositions, the artist delves into themes of abuse, trauma, fragility and suffering, while simultaneously emerging triumphant, inspired, resilient, resolute and unwaveringly powerful: reborn.

Beyond the centrality of the feminine, lies a fascination with life itself, an existential angst. A strongly mythological approach questions not only the origin of life, but the antecedence of life, and the afterlife. Yet here mortality is not completely called upon. Rather, the artist chooses to understand the concepts of before, after and everything in between as the result of experience, and, more importantly, reaction to experience. Birday Swamp is both birthed by the artist and represents the artist’s rebirth. Death, as an act of creation.

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